Cappadocia Camel Tour

Cappadocia Camel Tour

Are you ready to fascinate you with the authentic atmosphere of your Cappadocia Camel Tour, which you will do with the unique view of the region? So, first of all, let's briefly examine the regions you will visit with the Cappadocia Camel Tour, the valleys that will fascinate you with their unique scenery, and the fairy chimneys. Then, let's briefly talk about the experiences you will have about the Camel Safari Tour with Sunrise and Sunset. Where does the Cappadocia Camel Tour start and in what season? Finally, let's talk briefly about the prices of the Cappadocia Camel Tour – Nevşehir Camel Tour in the region.  

Cappadocia Camel Safari Tour 

Those who want to have a different experience in the region usually prefer the Cappadocia Camel Tour. Because camels have an exotic spirit where you can experience the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia. Thus, you can think of yourself as if you are walking in the desert with a unique view among historical buildings. Taking a Cappadocia Camel Tour, especially among the fairy chimneys, which are full of legends, gives this feeling more. It even makes you feel like an explorer. Thus, you will feel the mystical atmosphere of Cappadocia more while doing a Safari Tour with Camel. If you want to complete the exotic atmosphere of the region with a Camel Safari Tour, you can experience this feeling by choosing HTR Turkey Tours. Now, let's briefly examine where the Cappadocia Camel Tour is made, where it starts and which routes it covers. 

Where to Take a Cappadocia Camel Tour 

Cappadocia Camel Tour, which gives you the authentic atmosphere of the region along the way, is held in places such as Nevşehir, Ürgüp and Avanos. In order to see the hidden beauties in these regions, it is possible to see the areas where motor vehicles are not allowed with the Camel Tour and AT Tour. Thus, you feel as if you are traveling on the old silk road with a caravan. You can feel this feeling the most while doing the Camel Safari Tour with the Sunset. In addition, ATV tours are also held in these areas. You can read the route determined by the Camel Tour you will make in the continuation of our article. 

Cappadocia Camel Tour Route 

There are three valleys in the route you will follow with the Camel Tour, which has an exotic spirit. These three valleys; Kızılçukur Valley, Güllüdere Valley and Meskendir Valley. With the Camel Safari Tour, both unique valley views and historical buildings and fairy chimneys in the valleys await you. Moreover, there is Zindanönü Rocks in the camel tour route. You should definitely see this historical place, which is not included in every tour. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that you should even take a camel tour just to pass through here. As you pass through the cliffs, the scenery will fascinate you and its rough roads will give you a different pleasure. In this way, you will enjoy the camel tour and better understand why you should see it. The Cappadocia Camel Tour route we mentioned proceeds in the following order:

  • Kizilcukur Valley 
  • Gulludere Valley 
  • Zindanönü Cliffs  
  • Meskendir Valley 

Kizilcukur Valley 

Although the valley is also known as Kızılçukur, its other name is known as Red Valley. We can say that this valley is the starting point of almost all tours. Because it is quite interesting both in terms of its location and view. In addition, the most favorite rough roads of those who will make this tour are in this valley. For this reason, tours such as camel, horse and ATV organized in the Cappadocia region start from here. Moreover, the Red Valley is generally preferred for tours to be held at sunset. Because, like its name, it has red tuff rocks. For this reason, it keeps you witnessing a unique moment with the redness of the red rocks surrounding you at sunset. This situation fascinates those who see it. In addition, another reason to go to the Red Valley is the visual cruise offered by the balloons at sunrise. You should definitely see the fairy chimneys accompanied by this crimson. If you combine this with the Cappadocia Camel Tour, you can feel like you are in the middle of the desert, in another spirit.  

Where is Kizilcukur Valley 

It is located very close to Çavuşin Village, which is connected to Nevşehir Ürgüp district. In addition, since the location of the Red Valley is close to other beauties of the region, you can see many places at the same time. For example, you can easily cross to the town of Çavuşin, to Göreme and from there to Ürgüp. Because Kızılçukur Valley is about 1-2 km away from Çavuşin Village. Goreme Open Air Museum is about 3 km away. It is also 5-6 km away from Ürgüp.  

Cappadocia Camel Tour

Gulludere Valley 

It offers a different feast not only with its view but also with its unique history. There are many historical buildings built in different periods. Most of them consist of churches and monasteries. For example, the Church of the Three Crosses, the Church of Ayvalı, the Church of Yovakim-Anna, the Church with Columns and the Church of St. Agathangelus (Crusader). Güllüdere Valley, like the Red Valley, attracts attention at sunset. Because with the last scarlet left by the sun, the surrounding rock formations turn into a rose color. It even got its name from these rocks, which turned into a rose color. At the same time, you can watch the Red Valley next to this beautiful view. Moreover, it draws attention due to the area it covers. It has an area of ​​about 4 km. For this reason, it is among the most preferred valleys for activities. For example, activities such as valley walking tour, camel tour, horse tour, ATV tour. 

Where is Güllüdere Valley 

It is located between Göreme and Çavuşin towns. The valley is about the same distance from both of them. Göreme is 1,5 km away and Çavuşin is 2 km away. 

Zindanönü Cliffs 

It is located in the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir. It is also called Zindanönü Valley. There are many monastic ruins inside. There are also churches. The most well-known church among these is the Zindanönü Church with the same name. 

Cappadocia Camel Tour

Meskendir Valley 

It is the valley that has almost the largest walking area among the valleys of Cappadocia. This area is about 4400 meters long. Meskendir Valley is a mysterious valley that will attract adventure lovers. Because there are many tunnels waiting to be discovered inside. It is also a very steep valley. For this reason, it affects adventurers more. It is the number one place especially for those who want to do trekking. Because of these, the camel tour here is very enjoyable. When you think about it, isn't a valley covered with cedar trees and decorated with fairy chimneys on a camel attracts you? Then you should definitely add Meskendir Valley to your list of things to do in Cappadocia. Also, not only that HTR Turkey ToursWe also recommend you to visit the valley and add unforgettable moments to your memories with the Cappadocia Camel Tour organized by . 

Where is Meskendir Valley 

It can be reached by continuing straight from the level of Göreme and Ortahisar road. Before you come to Ortahisar turn, which you will see afterward, you need to stop about 1 km from the asphalt road. Just after walking the path here, it turns right. When you continue on the down road that comes before you, you see the entrance of the valley.  

Cappadocia Camel Tour in Which Season 

Camel Safari Tour in Cappadocia can be done every day of the year. Sometimes it cannot be done due to weather-related reasons. In short, the Cappadocia Camel Tour is waiting for you every day when the weather is suitable. 

Cappadocia Camel Tour Times 

Cappadocia Camel Tour, which has the most beautiful area for safari, invites you to a unique experience. There are two recommended time slots for this experience. These are the sunrise and sunset times. During these recommended hours, the most beautiful views of the valleys welcome you. For example, at sunrise, Cappadocia is a unique view accompanied by Balloon Izeme. At sunset, the magical view of the fairy chimneys awaits you with the silence that descends on the city. In addition to these two recommended hours, there are two more programs during the day. Thus, the Cappadocia Camel Tour is held at four different times in one day. 

Cappadocia Camel Tour Duration 

Cappadocia Camel Tour with Sunrise and Sunset takes approximately one and a half hours. There are two programs available for the other Cappadocia Camel Tour held during the day. These cover a period of approximately one to two hours. Preferred Cappadocia Camel Tour times are as follows:

  • Cappadocia Camel Tour with Sunrise: 1,5 hours 
  • Cappadocia Camel Tour with Sunset: 1,5 hours 
  • Camel Safari Tour during the day: 1 hour 
  • Camel Tour during the day: 2 hours 

Cappadocia Camel Tour

Cappadocia Camel Tour Prices 2022 

You can feel the authentic atmosphere of the region best while walking around the city on a camel. It takes you to the realm of dreams as if you are navigating the dusty pages of history. For this reason, the price you pay will be reasonable for you. Because the most privileged activity that will give you such a pleasure is the Cappadocia Camel Tour. The prices of this privileged tour are usually per person. In addition, if you plan to join the tour with a child between the ages of 0-6, you do not need to pay for it. Fees apply only to children aged 7 years and above. But there is an advantage for children in this age group. A special 50% discount is offered for children by HTR Turkey Tours. This discount is valid if you are going to join the camel tour with a child, if you ride the same camel together. Prices for the tour vary according to the time you choose. 

  • Cappadocia Camel Tour with Sunrise: 30 Euros
  • Cappadocia Camel Tour with Sunset: 25 Euros
  • Camel Safari Tour 1 hour during the day: 20 Euros 
  • Camel Tour 2 hours during the day: 25 Euros

Recommendations for Cappadocia Camel Tour 

  • For the camel tour, your weight should not be more than 140 kg. 
  • Care should be taken when getting on and off camels. 
  • Any negative situation should be reported to the guides accompanying you. 
  • The recommendations of the guides should be taken into account. 
  • Sudden movements should be avoided while on the camel. 

Nevşehir Camel Tour 

The Camel Safari Tour, which you will take between the natural valleys and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, offers you an unforgettable experience. Traveling with a camel among the fairy chimneys full of mysterious legends will make you feel like an explorer. Be sure that you will never forget this excitement that covers your heart. Cappadocia Camel Safari Tour is the tour with the most different experience you will ever experience. It has an exotic spirit where you can experience the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia. 

Cappadocia Camel Fairy Chimney 

One of the fairy chimneys, which have different shapes in Devrent Valley, is the fairy chimney in the silhouette of a camel. The fairy chimneys here draw attention with their unique natural shapes. Each one is unique and fantastic. So much so that as you look at it, your imagination is experiencing a revel. For this reason, it is also known as Dream Valley. For this reason, it will give you a different pleasure to compare every fairy chimney you see as you wander around the valley. Since the shapes of some are not very clear, each viewer can see a different silhouette. This excites the visitors even more. The fairy chimney, which is likened to a camel, attracts the most attention. In fact, visitors mostly visit the Dream Valley to see it. In addition, there are many activities in Devrent Valley, where these unique fairy chimneys are shaped according to dreams. For example, hiking, horseback riding, trekking. For this reason, Dream Valley is an indispensable part of a Cappadocia trip. 

Where is Devrent Dream Valley 

It is located between Ürgüp and Avanos. It is even more located on the Ürgüp road. For this reason, there is a distance of approximately 5-6 km from Avanos. Its distance from Ürgüp is 4-5 km. After following the Ürgüp road, past Paşabağ Priests Valley and then Zelve Valley, Devrent Hayal Valley appears before you. 


Tours to Do in Cappadocia 

There are many valleys in the Cappadocia region, all of which are unique to each other. These valleys attract attention with their landscapes, long walking paths and historical structures. For this reason, it is a suitable area for activities. Thus, visitors want to visit the valleys not only for sightseeing but also for participating in activities. Therefore, the activities organized here are increasing day by day. Separate tours are organized for adventure lovers, those who want to go hiking or enjoy the valleys from the sky. For example, if you are a lover of pleasure and adrenaline, you can join ATV, jeep safari and paragliding tours. If you want to feel that history while wandering around buildings as old as humanity, Camel and Horse RideYou can choose . Or if you just want to visit the regions, you can join the region tours named Blue, Green, Red. As we have mentioned, many more tours are organized. These are briefly as follows: 

  • Cappadocia Balloon Tour 
  • Cappadocia Horse Tour 
  • Jeep Safari Tour 
  • Cappadocia ATV Tour 
  • Nostalgic Classic Car Tour 
  • Paragliding Tour 
  • Cappadocia Camel Tour 
  • Cappadocia Gondola Tour 
  • Balloon Cruise 
  • Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour 
  • Region Tours 
  • Blue Tour 
  • Green Tour 
  • Red Tour