Cappadocia Valleys Tour

Cappadocia Valleys Tour

Cappadocia, which the whole world is aware of, is one of the favorite places of our paradise country. It contains natural beauties as well as historical structures. The number of visitors is always high and welcomes countless people from almost all over the world every year. Cappadocia Valleys Tour is an excellent opportunity for you to discover the unique atmosphere and feel as if you are in ancient history. You can read the details about this trip in the following parts of the article and you can be included in a great holiday! For such organizations, you should choose companies that have knowledge and experience in this field. Both to learn the details of the tour and information of the tour company you can contact You can continue reading the article. 

What is Cappadocia Valleys Tour 

It is a great opportunity especially for people who love nature and enjoy spending time in nature. It is a great activity to experience the unique Cappadocia atmosphere with your favorite activity. It is a perfect holiday idea that you can create with your spouse and friends. You can have unforgettable memories with this event. 

Cappadocia Valleys Tour Route 

First of all, you will start walking in the Gomeda Valley, which has been the subject of legends, at 9-10 in the morning. In the Gomeda Valley, you will have a wonderful nature walk of approximately two and a half to three hours. You can continue reading the article to learn more about the Gomeda Valley. After this unique valley tour, you arrive at Mustafapasa Village. After spending time here, you can have lunch. After the pleasant meal time, you take the road to Zemi Valley. There is approximately 3 km of roads in this valley. Finally, you return to the hotel. 

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Gomeda Valley 

The aforementioned legend takes place in the Gomeda Valley, which is part of the Cappadocia Valleys Tour. It has been the subject of legends. You can broaden your horizons by reading detailed information about the Gomeda Valley with its fascinating and mysterious stance and you can have more information about the tour. 

Where is Gomeda Valley 

Gomeda Valley is a valley in the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir province. While Mustafapaşa is located in the western part of the settlement, it is located in the east of the Kavak settlement. Göreme is located to the south of Uçhisar and Ortahisar. After going about 2700 meters from Ürgüp Mustafapaşa road, you will come across a sign saying 'Gomeda Ruins Valley'.

Gomeda Valley Formation and History 

This area, which was used as a home in ancient civilizations, is thought to have hosted 600 households. It is known that the first civilizations to use it were the Greeks. 

Encounters on the Gomeda Valley Trip 

In addition to shelters in general, it contains two churches, two necropolises and an underground city. Necropolises are cemeteries in ancient cities. This valley, which is explored by tourists on foot and is beautiful in every season, is new as a hiking destination and offers a more untouched environment. This is a plus for hiking lovers. It is a popular valley with its churches and dovecotes. Some of the dovecotes in the rocks contain decorations. These decorations also attract the attention of visitors. The last part of the Gomeda Valley is also called the Üzengi Valley. 

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Gomeda Valley Churches

Although it is stated in some sources that the two churches, whose names are not even certain, are located in the valley, their names are mentioned in different sources. There is Alakara Church on the right at the entrance of the valley. This church was built during the Roman period. It expanded and took its final form during the Turkish-Greek exchanges in the Republican period. The church has a single apse. Images of saints, St. Drawings of Jesus and angels are still visible on the frescoes. The apse is in architecture semicircular inward and is the holiest place in the church. Fresco is a technique of painting a freshly plastered wet wall surface with mineral paints dissolved in lime water. 

After a while, you will see the Church of St. Basilios. It is one of the important works of today with its frescoes. There is an image of a hidden temple. It is a church with two apses and two naves. According to the information in the building, St. Constantine had dreamed of the Battle of Malvarian Bridge. As a result of the war, victory was won and Christianity was accepted as the official religion. It is also interesting that the names of the three Maltese pilgrims and the Prophets Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are written on them. It is thought that the Church of St. Basilios was built between 726 and 843. 

Other Structures Encountered on the Gomeda Valley Trip

In this valley, which is home to trees such as plums and cherries, there are wonderful resting places if the season is suitable. There is also a mineral water spring towards the end of the valley. This spring, which has a strong sulfur smell, was named Üzengi İçmecesi. It is thought to be good for the liver, gall bladder, digestive disorders and kidney ailments. Gomeda Valley is located in an area that is not very active in terms of fairy chimneys. This is the reason why visitors are less than other valleys. Therefore, its virginity is much more valuable for trekking lovers. 

Gomeda Valley Legends

Famous for its ruins, this area is home to many legends. As in most Cappadocia legends, it is also known as the area visited by fairies and where good and evil fights. It is said that when the evil lost the war, Gomeda fell asleep in the depths of his land. Whenever goodness dies, evil will resurface. It is impossible not to be affected by these stories due to the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere of the lands of the Gomeda Valley. Gomeda Valley has also been the subject of the 2007 thriller film 'Gomeda' by Tan Tolga Demirci. 

Cappadocia Valleys Tour Zemi Valley 

Checking out the details of Zemi Valley for this legendary tour will be an eye-opener before the trip. Traveling more consciously is an enhancing factor for enjoying the trip. Do not forget to read the rest of the article not only for this tour, but also to access the details of Zemi Valley, one of the favorite places of trekking lovers. 

Where is Zemi Valley 

The northern end of the Zemi Valley, located in Nevşehir province, reaches the Göreme Open Air Museum. When turning to the north, Uçhisar settlement area is located on the left side. Its right side is close to Ortahisar. 

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The Formation and History of the Zemi Valley 

Zemi Valley, named after Zemi Creek, has a total length of 5600 meters. It is one of the longest trails in the region and attracts quite a few visitors for this reason alone. 

Encounters on the Zemi Valley Trip 

There are many fruit trees in the valley. In addition, the churches it contains are like a wonderful gem next to the 'trekking' activity. Fairy chimneys, which are natural structures of Cappadocia, are also located in Zemi Valley. 

Zemi Valley Churches

Of course, Zemi Valley, like other Cappadocia valleys, is rich in churches. It wouldn't be bad to get a little bit of information about the artifacts, which smell of experiences, memories and history, and which have been touched by human hands! 

  • The Cistern Church is one of the churches in the Zemi Valley. The reason for its name is the cistern, this church was once used as a cistern (a natural or artificial water reservoir that collects rain water). Its difference from other churches comes from the medallions it contains and the depictions of saints on them. It is recommended to visit and see the frescoes, which are quite lively. 
  • El Nazar Church is famous for its fairy chimney. The most impressive scene in El Nazar Church, where a fairy chimney is carved, is the Prophet's Church with Constantine and Helena. It is the ascension of Jesus into the sky in a rainbow. In addition, although it is among the museums to be seen, some parts of it are damaged. 
  • The Karabulut Church, on the other hand, is an interesting structure. It is quite difficult to enter inside because it does not have a door. Getting to the entrance is a little difficult. However, this feature has enabled the frescoes it contains to survive until today. 
  • Finally, there is the Hidden Church. The reason why the name is hidden is that the church was discovered very late. Its entrance was destroyed, which made it difficult to spot. It has a very ornate cross on its ceiling. This gave the church a different atmosphere from other churches. In addition, the intensity of the red color attracts attention. 

Things to Consider During the Tour 

First of all, the valley has many different plant species. Therefore, you should choose your clothes with long sleeves. It is important to protect your skin with sunscreen, especially in summer. There are also stream crossings. The creeks that the valley contains are not very large water currents and you can jump over them. Therefore, it makes sense to buy waterproof walking shoes. It will also be beneficial for you to choose long and grass-free socks for every trip and to have a flashlight. 

Cappadocia Valleys Tour Fee 

All holiday times are a breathing stop to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The body and brain, which have been working hard all year long, need a pause. At such times, it would be logical to consider an option that includes historical and cultural heritages aside from the classical sea-sand duo. An alternative is possible for Cappadocia, where one can both contribute to one's own development, travel, see and rest! 

One of the most curious subjects is the price of the Cappadocia Valleys Tour, which is at the top of the preferences with its versatile structure. So, how much do you have to pay to attend this holiday? As the number of people participating in the tour increases, the fee decreases. HTR Turkey Tours You can easily organize this trip through the agency. We strongly recommend that you contact us to get detailed information before you go. You can use the link below for this. Happy holidays in advance! 

  • 1 Person : 182 Euros per person
  • 2 Person : 110 Euros per person
  • 3 Person : 86 Euro per person
  • 4 Person : 75 Euros per person