Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour

Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour

Before we start reading the article for the Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour, we should mention that these unique tours have 3 different categories. If you are interested in such trips, you can read other articles. Accordingly, you can choose the one that suits you best. Cappadocia, which is one of the legacies offered to us by nature, has been the home of irreplaceable works with the touch of people in the past years. Nowadays, it attracts visitors from all over the world and is also very popular for vacation plans! You can continue reading the article for more detailed information within the scope of Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour. Happy holidays in advance! 

What is Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour? 

First of all, it is a tour that can be preferred by people who love nature, especially walking enthusiasts. As will be seen later in the article, this tour includes three different walking routes. Being able to explore these places with your favorite activity, namely on foot, is invaluable. Moreover, having a route full of famous works and natural structures like Cappadocia is also a cultural activity. Therefore, you can choose this tour and have a pleasant time. Especially the hotels you will choose make a big difference in terms of the service you will receive. For your satisfaction, you should do research beforehand. For this, you can choose hotels such as MDC Cave Hotel. 

Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour Walking Routes 

Within the scope of the Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour, the first step is to take a tour at around 9.00 in the morning during the most beautiful times of the sun. As the first stop, the walk takes place in the Güvercinlik Valley. This walk takes approximately 1 hour. Afterwards, one enters the Akvadi. The walk here takes about an hour and a half. Now it's time for a really good lunch! The taste of the lunch eaten after the pleasure of a nice walk is priceless. Finally, the tour is completed by having a great time with a 2,5-3 hour walk in the Kılıçlar Güllüdere Valley. Then return to the hotel. It is very important to know the details of the places to visit. Traveling with information about them, even if it is short, creates a great difference in one's perspective. You can read the articles below to have this information. 

Cappadocia Valleys

Pigeon Valley

Güvercinlik Valley got its name because of the dovecotes carved by its former inhabitants. It is possible to see and feel the effects of nature and history on the entire topography. In addition to this, its unique vegetation is also a source of peace. 

Where is Pigeon Valley

Located near Uçhisar, this valley is located to the south of Uçhisar Castle. It is located in the western part of Ortahisar.  

Pigeon Valley History

Pigeon manures, which have been used in grape growing for centuries, are very important. Pigeons have also come to the fore as a result of the widespread use of grapes and wine. With the importance of this situation around the 9th century, hollows were dug for pigeons. In this way, agricultural life was also revived. In addition, it is thought that pigeon manure was used in the production of painting and drawings on the church walls. It is assumed that the way the frescoes can last a long time is an effect of the use of these fertilizers. Combined with all this, this valley has gained a unique reputation. Fresco is a technique of painting a freshly plastered wet wall surface with mineral paints dissolved in lime water. 

Love Valley

Akvadi / Love Valley

This natural beauty, also known as the Valley of Lovers or the Valley of Love, is one of the favorite places of Cappadocia. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as Bağlıdere or Bağıltepe Valley. Sometimes it may go unnoticed as it can be seen this way on the signs. Love Valley is approximately 4900 meters long in total. With its famous story, it takes people to distant lands. 

Akvadi / Love Valley Story

In ancient times, there was a village with very fertile water. The fruits and vegetables of the village were just as plentiful. In this village where ten dynasties lived, a fight broke out between the two dynasties. As a result of this fight, the village people, who could not live together anymore, divided the village into two. Young people do not talk to each other. The village people who caused this situation decided to bring the young people together. That day, two young people from different sides fell in love as soon as they saw each other. Realizing that they could not separate them no matter what they did, the villager finally allowed them to marry. But the rivalry still continued. That's why those on the other side found the boy one day and killed him. Meanwhile, the bride, who had children, could not stand it and committed suicide. After this incident, stones rained down on the village and whoever caused this situation died. This is why the name of this valley began to be known as the Valley of Lovers. There are still those who hear that the spirits of the bride and groom visit this place from time to time and talk to their remaining children.   

Gulludere Valley 

Güllüdere Valley, one of the important religious centers of history, has its name written on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With the effect of the weather and the sun in the valley, the rocks take on a reddish color. Thanks to these rocks, its name was Güllüdere. It is a valley that will draw you in with its scenery, nature and history. It is especially popular to watch the sunset and sunrise views around Cappadocia. 

Where is Güllüdere Valley

This valley, which you can search for and find as Göreme Güllüdere Valley, is located almost next to Kılıçlar Valley. You can reach this valley by following the 'Güllüdere' signs while continuing on the Nevşehir Ürgüp road. But when you enter this road, Meskendir Valley first comes to you. Güllüdere Valley is divided into two branches and divided into Güllüdere I and Güllüdere II. There are walking paths and historical buildings on both branches. 

History of Güllüdere Valley

There are many churches in the Güllüdere Valley, which was of great religious importance in ancient times. It is possible to see the effects of Göreme, which has been famous for shelters, cemeteries and places of worship from the Roman period to this time, in the Güllüdere Valley. 

Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour

Güllüdere Valley Churches

There are 5 churches in total in Güllüdere Valley. However, there are many retreat corners available. It is said that famous monks from time to time retreated here.  

Yovakim – Church of Anna

The Yovakim – Anna Church, which is the first to appear in the valley, is important. His frescoes are extremely rare. These frescoes are only available in this church and another church located in Cyprus. In this fresco, which is even more important for historians, Hz. Meryem appears with a halo on her head and is in light. In her arms is the baby Jesus. The fact that it has survived to this day is also admirable. Moreover, he also has a story: 

Azize Anna and Aziz Yovakim could not reach the love of children they wanted to have. At that time, this situation was thought to be cursed, so they suffered a lot and prayed all their lives. In fact, St. Yovakim, who took the road to Jerusalem to make a vow one day, was not accepted. It has been argued that a barren man has no right to do so. Thereupon, St. Yovakim, who was in seclusion, and St. Anna, who fell into the same stigma upon hearing the news of him, had a child with a miracle. This child is Mary, who came with her gospel and who will devote herself only to her creator. Unfortunately, the door of this church, located in Güllüdere I, is locked. Permission is required to travel. 

Mast Church

Also known as the Colonnaded Church, it is 5 minutes away from the Yovakim – Anna Church. It has reached this reputation thanks to its columns and arches. There are 4 columns in total. In addition, it attracts attention with its unique carving styles. It shows the 11th century as the date. It is located in Güllüdere I. 

Ayvali Church

It was formed by carving out of the rocks and connecting two different chapels by a passage. Ayvali Church draws attention especially with its pigeon holes. The small holes it has are thought to be for pigeons. Because of these holes, it is easier for sunlight to enter. In addition, although this increased the destruction on the frescoes, there are some that remain intact among them. Among the many frescoes, the most interesting one is Hz. It is the scene where the death of Mary is depicted. Also, around the bed, St. It is also seen that Jesus and his apostles are present. Hz. The depiction of the baby in the swaddling swaddling, which symbolizes that Mary's soul left her body and went away, and that coincides with her mouth, suggested that Mary was on her deathbed. The entrance of the church in Güllüdere II is closed with an iron door, but it is possible to open it. 

Three Crusaders Church

It is thought that this structure, called the Church of the Three Crosses, was built between the 7th and 10th centuries. It got its name from the three cross motifs on the ceiling. It is also said that the church was used as a place of protection for Christians at the time. This church, which you reach by passing through the beautiful fruit trees, is located in the Güllüdere I Valley. 

The Crusader Church

The building, which was taken as the Crusader or St. Agathangelus Church, is accessed by a wooden staircase. The church, which is thought to belong to the 6th or 7th century, was renovated in ancient times. It was understood that the frescoes were repainted by seeing the old paints from the broken parts. This church, which is a cafe where you can relax outside, is located in the Güllüdere II Valley. 

Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour

Cappadocia Hiking Valleys 

If you are wondering about the valleys where you can walk in Cappadocia, except within the scope of the tour, you can check the list below. 

  •  Red Valley / Kızılçukur Valley 

It is incredibly enjoyable to walk in this unique place, also known as Kızılçukur Valley. As it gets its name, it is perfect for scenery due to the red color of its rocks. It reveals itself to visitors with a unique peace in the early morning or at sunset. 

  • Pasabag (Priests) Valley 

Paşabağ, also known as the Valley of the Priests, is one of the most visited valleys in this region. In ancient times, it was preferred by monks and important religious people as a place of retreat. It is clear from its name. It is also a unique valley full of churches and fairy chimneys. 

  • Meskendir Valley 

In order to descend to the valley floor, it is necessary to pass through the fairy chimneys, namely tunnels, which are natural structures. This is a plus feature for Meskendir Valley. 

  • Zemi Valley 

It is one of the most convenient valleys for hiking. Moreover, it is popular with the bird species it hosts. It gives a cultural and historical effect with the churches it contains. The course of this valley is one level more difficult than other valleys. But this difficulty does not lose anything from its charm. 

  • Bozdag Valley 

One of the most beautiful aspects of the valleys is that they have natural terraces where you can enjoy the view. Bozdag Valley, which helps you feel this pleasure in the depths, lays the entire Cappadocia landscape under your feet. 

  • Devrent Valley

It is also known as Dream Valley. Rocks that look like sitting camels have probably come across you before. The fairy chimneys in this valley are likened to different living things and objects by people. This is where the name Dream Valley comes from. 

Cappadocia Valleys Walking Tour Fee 

One of the most curious issues is the price of this unique tour. HTR Turkey Tours It is possible to obtain more reliable information by contacting In this way, you can have a better holiday. Tour fees are listed below. The more people you join the tour, the higher the price. discount is happening. In other words, it is much more advantageous to join this tour with a large group. You can get detailed information from the contact information below to step into this adventure right away. Happy holidays in advance! 

  • 1 Person : 182 Euros Per person
  • 2 Person : 110 Euros Per person
  • 3 Person : 86 Euro per person
  • 4 Person : 75 Euros Per person