Cappadocia Valleys

Cappadocia Valleys

Cappadocia fascinates those who see it with its unique scenery and historical ruins. It has also become a meeting point for tourists with its friendly locals. In addition to the many different historical places in the region, it is a region that is famous for the Cappadocia Valleys. Of course, the valleys are one of the touristic regions with the highest visitor rate in Cappadocia. The valleys, which you can see from a bird's eye view with balloon tours, are engraved in the memories. The factor that makes the Cappadocia Valleys so popular is that they are home to many different civilizations. At the same time, the Cappadocia Valleys, which are seen as a natural ruin, are different from the usual landscapes. Among the main popular valleys in Cappadocia, we can mention the following:

  • Love Valley
  • Red Valley
  • Pasabag Priests Valley
  • Meskendir Valley
  • Zemi Valley
  • Bozdag Valley
  • Pigeon Valley
  • Ihlara Valley
  • Devrent Valley

Love Valley

Love Valley is one of the places that come to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned. Cappadocia Love Valley, which is one of the most frequented spots for couples, is the symbol of love and romance, as the name suggests. Love Valley is the pearl of Cappadocia, which is the address of dozens of different images that can be the subject of a painting. Every second spent in Love Valley will help you witness dozens of different and beautiful moments. Love Valley, where you can watch the sky especially at sunrises and sunsets, brings along a romantic atmosphere. The only address to get away from the tiring factors of business life and to immerse yourself in natural beauties is through the Cappadocia Valleys. The sun rays offer a unique feast to the guests in the Love Valley, which is located among the Cappadocia Valleys. You can realize the natural beauty of the region by taking a short walk in the Love Valley, where you will feel the clean air to your bones.

Cappadocia Love Valley

Kizilcukur Valley

The address of feeling the clean air to your bones and enjoying the natural beauties to the fullest is the Red Valley, also known as the Red Valley. When the Cappadocia Valley is mentioned, it is not possible to include the Red Valley. You can take a nice walk in the Red Valley of Cappadocia to get rid of the tiring marathon of life and throw yourself into nature. In this way, you can have information about the geographical location of Cappadocia and enjoy the unforgettable views. You can start your rotation from Ortahisar on trekking in the Red Valley, also known as Kızılçukur Valley. Entering the Red Valley from Ortahisar region will make it easier for you to reach the hills. At the same time, it paves the way for comfortable walking and you can reach the inner parts of the valley more easily from the hill. The Red Valley, which contains all the characteristic features of Cappadocia, takes its name from the red tuff rocks it has. Red tuff rocks turn red, especially during sunrise and sunset. The reddish tuff rocks are home to unprecedented views.

Kizilcukur Valley

Pasabag Priests Valley

Paşabağ Priests Valley, where hat-shaped fairy chimneys are abundant, has most of the geographical features of Cappadocia. Paşabağ is one of the most preferred regions of Cappadocia. It is a natural heritage on the Goreme-Avanos road. It is the meeting point of thousands of different tourists every year, especially in the spring months. Paşabağ, which is one of the most preferred spots in the region, is the place where beautiful and meaningful walks can be made. At the same time, interesting formations in the region astonish those who see it. Paşabağ, which is called a historical and cultural place, has been under the protection of dozens of different civilizations. As the name suggests, there is a church in the valley. The fact that this church dates back to ancient centuries greatly increases its spiritual value.

Cappadocia Valleys

Meskendir Valley

Meskendir Valley is one of the places that cannot be returned without visiting Cappadocia and feeling its air to the marrow. This valley has been one of the most preferred points of the region since ancient times. You can take a nice nature walk in the Meskendir Valley, which is 4400 meters long. You can see the historical ruins of the region and be amazed by the view. At the same time, the most important feature of the nature walks in the Meskendir Valley is the process of exploring the tunnels. After you start walking from one end of the valley, you see what nature and human hands have added to the region. At the same time, it is very easy to descend into the tunnels from the middle part of the fairy chimneys. With the help of the tunnels, you can easily descend to the Meskendir Church.

Meskendir Valley is at a point in the center of other valleys. Therefore, it is possible to easily reach other valleys via Meskendir Valley and pass to tunnels over the valley. With the help of tours, you can understand the importance of Meskendir Valley in the tunnel connections of the region. After passing through a few junctions in the tunnel and a short nature walk, the "Untitled Chapel" welcomes you. fairy chimneyThe chapel carved into the interior of the building awaits its guests with the nickname "The Untitled Chapel". The Cappadocia Valleys are interconnected. Therefore, after passing through the tunnel of one valley, the tunnel of the other valley welcomes you. It has the advantage of making short and effective trekking with the help of the valley tunnels that continue in parallel with each other. In this way, you can have information about the geographical features of Cappadocia.

Bozdag Valley

Bozdag Pasabag Valley, which allows you to view Cappadocia and the Cappadocia Valleys from a bird's eye view, is located. Bozdağ Valley will allow you to see Cappadocia from a bird's eye view due to its high altitude. Hosting a unique view especially during sunrise and sunset in summer, Bozdağ is one of the addresses shown to see Cappadocia clearly. You can go up on a hike on a certain route with small bumps. Bozdag Valley, which has a safe walking and track environment, is among the Cappadocia Valleys you should visit.

Pigeon Valley

Life is called a mixture of part nature and part life. Within the framework of the formations presented by nature, Güvercinlik Valley is located. Güvercinlik Valley presents the region in the clearest way while preparing a visual feast for the visitors. At the same time, Güvercinlik Valley stands out with its very old history. The Cappadocia Valleys, which are the work of hundreds of years of natural formation, are of great importance for the recognition of the city. The name of the valley derives from the dovecotes carved into the chimneys by the inhabitants who lived in the area a few centuries ago. You will have the chance to see these dovecotes more closely during the nature walk. Güvercinlik Valley welcomes its guests with experiences and different types of flowers. After a meaningful nature walk, you will go to the church at the end of the valley. This church has been one of the places of worship used by the local people since ancient times. The main reason why there are so many churches in the region is due to the effective structure that has been kneaded for centuries. There are people of different religions, languages ​​and races in the region. This has led to the emergence of different places of worship.

Cappadocia Valleys

Zemi Valley

Zemi Valley is the most preferred region for trekking, with a length of 5600 meters among the Cappadocia Valleys. Zemi Valley has an ancient history. It has also hosted dozens of different civilizations and communities. The valley is within the boundaries of the Göreme Open Air Museum and you must enter the museum to visit it. Zemi Valley, the first address for those who want to take a unique nature walk in the Cappadocia Valleys, is home to many natural beauties. At the same time, there are bird species such as the scarlet hawk and kestrel, which are difficult to find in the region.

Birds in the region, which are very few in number, also carry out their breeding activities in this valley. The region stands out with its rugged structure. Therefore, Zemi Valley is one of the valleys with the highest difficulty in walking among the Cappadocia Valleys. Walking in Zemi Valley, which feels like walking along the canyon, is also very enjoyable. The Cappadocia Valleys are the address to be alone with the unique beauties of nature, accompanied by beautiful bird sounds. There are churches with high spiritual value such as El Nazar Church and Saklı Church in the valley. If you happen to be in the Zemi Valley, these churches are at the top of the places you should stop by. It helps you to examine the ethnic structure of the region from past to present more easily.

Ihlara Valley

From the first minute you enter the valley, a unique greenery and natural beauty welcomes you. The main reason why the valley has become so popular especially recently is the presence of different plant species in the valley. Ihlara Valley, which stands out among the Cappadocia Valleys with its fairy-tale appearance, will make you feel like you are in a book. By animating your own characters, you can enjoy the region to the fullest within the framework of your imagination. Ihlara Valley has a length of approximately 15 kilometers and its depth reaches 100 meters in certain regions. Ihlara Valley, where nature has once again fascinated humanity, is very suitable for trekking. It is remarkable that it is located in a large area and that the structure of the region is not touched by human hands. At the same time, Ihlara Valley is one of the most important regions for the Christian world.

According to the sources, Ihlara Valley is mentioned as the place where Christians spread in Anatolia. The first point they determined and activated to transfer their ethnic origins is Ihlara Valley. Therefore, there are numerous monasteries and churches in the valley. Ihlara Valley, which is a turning point in the history of Christianity, has been hosting thousands of tourists for years. Among the Cappadocia Valleys, Ihlara Valley is the place where the effects of nature are seen the most.

Ihlara Valley

Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley is called Hayal Valley by the local people. standing out in photos must The source of the image comes from Devrent Valley. Dream Valley, which has an attractive name, has a different location among the Cappadocia Valleys. Tourists also flock to the region, especially in the spring and summer months. At the same time, the shapes of the fairy chimneys formed in the Dream Valley are slightly different from the Cappadocia Valleys. With their different formations, the fairy chimneys in Hayal Valley are likened to different objects and living things by the guests. Recently, interest in these fairy chimneys, which change depending on the perspective, has increased considerably. Fairy chimneys in Hayal Valley have gained popularity in the medium where millions of people interact, such as social media. Dream Valley, where visitors to the region are faced with different views, has an important place among the Cappadocia Valleys.

All of the Cappadocia Valleys combine unique natural beauties. Cappadocia Valleys, the common life center of people with active groups since ancient centuries, are also preferred by tourists. When you visit Cappadocia, you can soak up the air of the region without seeing the Cappadocia Valleys. Famous for its natural beauties, to get away from the tiring marathon of business life, Cappadociais intended as medicine.

Cappadocia Valleys