Cavusin Village

Cavusin Village

sergeant, Göreme-It is an old village on the Avanos road, about 2 kilometers from Göreme. Nevsehir Avanos Cavusin Village It has hosted many civilizations since ancient times. Çavuşin Village, where communities of different faiths live, is among the places worth seeing. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cappadocia. The village stands out with its historical ruins as well as its natural beauty. Especially during the Byzantine and Roman periods, it faced the need for shelter for a long time. Today, it has become a place where local people make a living by selling souvenirs to tourists. Çavuşin Village, one of the most beautiful and meaningful villages of Cappadocia, is ideal for a small excursion. In addition to the ancient settlements, there are also churches in the village.

Cappadocia attracts tourists every month of the year with its natural beauty and spectacular scenery. Small settlements such as Çavuşin Village stand out as well as historical buildings dating from very old times. Such settlements stand out especially with their Byzantine and Roman ruins. At the same time, Çavuşin Village is an important settlement for the Christian world. The region has become a turning point in the history of Christianity. Çavuşin Village, a charming and touristic village, is among the places you should visit when you visit Cappadocia. In addition to its wonderful nature, it is an interesting region with different living spaces.

Cappadocia Cavusin Village

Cavusin Village History

The history of the village dates back to Roman times. In the period before the Roman Empire accepted Christianity, the pressure applied to the Christian world gradually increased. On the other hand, Christians preferred Çavuşin Village to perform their prayers more comfortably. Çavuşin Village is in a convenient but hard-to-find spot. It is also camouflaged by the cliffs, which helped them hide from the Romans. Çavuşin Village, where Christians performed their worship secretly for a certain period of time, became a settlement in the following period. After the Christians started to pray openly, they lived in Çavuşin Village. Because the region was a good place to live with its nature and geographical structure.

While some of the places of worship opened by the locals are open for visiting, those that are in danger of being demolished are closed for the safety of our guests. The frescoes, motifs and figures in the churches and monasteries opened at that time are worth exploring. The mystery of some of the motifs, which have many different stories and meanings, has not been solved even today. The main factor in attracting so many tourists to the region is the religious buildings we mentioned above.

The local people met the need for shelter with the small living spaces they created by carving into the fairy chimneys. The increase in the population in the region with each passing day has increased the number of cavities opened in the chimneys. In a short time, the cavities opened into the fairy chimneys took the title of a village. In Çavuşin Village, people especially kept sheep and goats. They met their food needs from these small cattle that they kept. They met their beverage needs by carrying water from different streams in the region. The people, who are masters of handicrafts, made various motifs and carved cavities on the rocks. Artistic activities on rocks and walls are invaluable today.

The Importance of Çavuşin Village for Christianity

Çavuşin Village has been one of the lands where Christians have been concentrated since ancient times. The Christians who lived in the region in ancient times personally witnessed the important events of the period. That's why Çavuşin Village has pictures of many different people whose history is important to the history of Christianity. The purpose of the paintings was that people wanted to see their ancestors all the time, and in this way, they could worship more sincerely. Christians in the region during the Byzantine period stated that they adopted their worship without fear and hesitation. The fact that the majority of the population of the region is composed of Christians has made the region the center of religious activities. The Byzantines, who dominated the region for a long time, did not affect the settlement order of the local people in their last period.

The tiring and wearing effect of business life is an undeniable fact. Stressful life, which causes both mental and physical depression, should be avoided at least a little. Instead, you can rest your head away from cars and human sounds. a nature tour it will be good. You can choose Çavuşin Village to combine your nature tour with historical buildings and have a small holiday. It is possible to take small nature walks in Çavuşin Village. Thanks to these nature walks, you can recover yourself mentally and physically. The fresh air you will breathe will be good for your whole body. Short breaks between work will help you work more efficiently in the future. It will be very good for you to leave yourself in the arms of nature.

Cappadocia Cavusin Village, Where is Cavusin Village

Çavuşin Village in Turkish Expeditions

After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Turks' incursions into Anatolia accelerated. All the wars started by the Byzantines, who wanted to throw the Turks out of Anatolia for good, resulted in great disappointment. It did not take long for the Turks, who took Nevşehir under their protection in a short time, to discover Cappadocia. The Turks, who were amazed by the structures offered by nature, did not harm the local people. They allowed the Christians, who were in the region and had a higher population, to perform their prayers comfortably. The Turks, who did not touch any of the churches in the region, respected the ethnic structure of the region. Despite the Turks' domination of Cappadocia, the local people's respect for their worship affected the Christians.

The tolerant attitude of Turks and Islam towards different religions caused some Christians to convert. This experience in a short period of time increased the Islamic activities in the region. At the same time, these increasing religious movements have led to the emergence of different sects in the region. At the same time, Çavuşin Village was passing through many trade routes. Therefore, the first step after the Turks took the region under their protection was the construction of a caravanserai. Mosques, caravanserais and tombs were built quickly in the region.

Çavuşin Village has survived until today by preserving its history and unique nature. Çavuşin Village, which has been able to preserve this history and nature for years, welcomes its guests today. A different life awaits you in Çavuşin Village, where you can capture wonderful shots during a beautiful sunset. You can decorate your gallery with unique photos that you can take from different angles. Tuff rocks with light red colors in places will take you to the land of fairy tales. The small tunnels at different points and the various plant species in the open air are like a fairy tale.

Cappadocia Cavusin Village Clothes to Wear

It is seen that Cappadocia Cavusin Village is visited especially in summer and spring months. Therefore, depending on the weather, you can choose comfortable and comfortable clothes. Choosing more sporty clothes will allow you to walk around the village more comfortably. You should choose shoes that you are sure to cover all points of your feet. Sandals and similar shoes leave the foot unprotected. If you wear open shoes, you can be bitten by many living species in nature. At the same time, sandal-style shoes reduce walking comfort. If you are going to visit the region especially at noon in the summer, you should definitely wear a hat. If possible, the hat should be large enough to protect all parts of your head from the sun. If you don't wear a hat, the sun rays you get on your head can cause dizziness and nausea in a short time. Being in the region for a long time in the heat of noon causes fainting and nosebleeds.

Cavusin Village Places To Visit

The region is one of the rare residential areas that has preserved its historical structure until today. The Çavuşin Church, Üç Cross Church and St. Mary's Church, which were built by the Christians in the region, are among the most prominent structures in the region. Cappadocia Cavusin Village, which is also called the paradise of churches, also includes the Church of John the Baptist. All these churches have existed since ancient times. At the same time, churches such as Cemalların Church, Saklı Church, Gıdıların Church are among the structures built in the region. The one that has survived to the present day with less damage compared to other churches is the Çavuşin Church. It is also known as the central church of the village and symbolizes the village with its name. When you visit Çavuşin Village, the first place you should visit is Çavuşin Church.

Cavusin Church

Nevşehir Çavuşin Church accepts entrance with a museum card. Çavuşin Church Çavuşin Village When you step into Avanos Nevşehir, the natural beauties of the region welcome you. When you log in, you can get a free map showing the general sketch of the church. In this way, you can start visiting the points of interest in the church and enjoy the church to the fullest. In addition, the address of understanding Çavuşin Village in general terms and learning its history passes through Çavuşin Church. The frescoes in the church attract a lot of attention. These artistic structures, mostly from the Byzantine period, show that the local people of the period were talented. Most of the walls of the church are decorated with different colors. The prominent color on the walls of the church is red. The main reason why red stands out is that it has an attractive appearance. At the same time, red symbolizes power, excitement and love.

Another church with the largest volume, located in Nevşehir Çavuşin Village and built in the 5th century, is the Church of John the Baptist. The history of the St. John the Baptist Church, which is as important as the Çavuşin Church, dates back to ancient times. At the same time, the church stands out with its mysterious stories and frescoes.

Çavuşin Village and Ceramics

Çavuşin Village is among the places that are generally mentioned with its churches and historical buildings. However, handicrafts such as handcrafted ceramic products and pottery are also quite advanced in the region. Compared to the conditions of the period, the handicrafts made in the region are quite advanced. There is even Güray Ceramic Museum to show handicrafts and ceramic works in the region.