Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream is a stream located in the center of the Ihlara Valley within the provincial borders of Aksaray. The region was known as "Potamus Kapadukus" in ancient times. In addition to its natural and historical beauties, it also attracts attention with its living population living in the region. Melendiz Stream Aksaray, where bird sounds are heard abundantly in summer months, opens its doors to guests. The point where the tea is located is of great importance, especially for Christians. It is located in the center of Ihlara Valley, which is depicted as the place where the first Christians performed their worship. Ihlara Valley Melendiz Stream There are many religion-based stories in and around it. The area, which is also the subject of many Christian sources, is a place where restaurants are located and people come to breathe. Melendiz Stream is in the food consumed by the local people to meet their food needs in the restaurant. Such restaurants along the creek accurately reflect the food and beverage culture of the region. You can meet your food needs at the Melendiz Stream restaurants, where traditional foods and breakfasts produced in the surrounding region are available.

The number of places to visit in this region, which has hosted different civilizations, is quite high. These places are located in the middle of the Cappadocia Ihlara Valley. Cappadocia Melendiz Stream contains different species of living populations. The religious and ethnic structure of the region has triggered the birth of unique architectural works. Most of the settlements around the Melendiz Stream are accepted as historical heritage today.

Ihlara Valley Melendiz Stream

It is a unique wetland that fascinates people with its natural and historical beauties, located in the heart of Anatolia. In ancient times, the water flowing from the Melendiz Stream was suitable for drinking. However, today, human touch and restaurants have caused the clean water to become increasingly polluted. However, it still provides suitable conditions for animals to continue their lives.

Melendiz Stream is in the center of Ihlara Valley, where churches are of great importance for Christians. At the same time, Melendiz Stream is known as the point where the first Christians met their food and beverage needs. In addition, it has been the answer to the needs of many animals that are now extinct or in danger of extinction. Melendiz Stream, which has a certain population, has become a frequented center for tourists today. After the Roman Empire, the Seljuk State showed great developments in the Anatolian raids. Parallel to these developments, it has taken many points under its protection, including the Aksaray province of Anatolia. The discovery of the Ihlara Valley by the Turks and their non-intervention in the worship of the Christians in the region is also in the Christian history. Thanks to the Turkish tribes that do not interfere with the natural beauty of the region, it has survived until today without being destroyed.

Melendiz Stream

What to Wear While Going to Melendiz Stream?

Melendiz Stream is a place where nature and ecosystem exist. It is important to choose the right outfit during your visit to the Melendiz Stream, where there are different living populations. You should choose clothes that cover many parts of your body. In this way, you will be protected from small creatures, bacteria or microorganisms that live around the Melendiz Stream. At the same time, if you plan to visit the Melendiz Stream in summer, we recommend you to buy a hat. In the summer, the sun's rays falling on your head at a right angle can bring many health problems. Likewise, clothes in light color tones should be among your preferences. Light colors reflecting the sun in summer will help you have a more spacious stroll. At the same time, it is useful to choose sporty combinations. Before visiting Melendiz Stream, you should definitely apply sunscreen and take it with you to refresh.

General Characteristics of Melendiz Stream

Fascinating tourists with its historical texture and unique architecture, Melendiz Stream also draws attention with its geographical features. Melendiz Stream is 14 kilometers long and contains different fish species. Melendiz Stream connects to Salt Lake. Salt Lake's salinity of 32,4% also affects the Melendiz Stream. Right next to the Melendiz Stream, there is a wide and beautiful walking track with a length of 3.5 to 7 kilometers. This track is a very convenient way to spend a good time with the nature of Melendiz Stream. Walking is the most practical way to open one's mind. When we combine walking with the inner voice of nature, it is the formula to throw away all the negative energy in your head. You can enjoy the nature walk accompanied by bird sounds. At the same time, you can examine the living creatures in the region and have an idea. The walking track is of standard length and has a sloping structure.

There are also many options for guests who are not in favor of walking. You can fill your stomach with the food and drinks we have brought at a beautiful spot you find during the tea. However, it is strictly forbidden to start a fire in the area and leave without collecting food scraps. At the same time, fishing, which has become a big problem in the region recently, is strictly prohibited. The authorities responsible for the region are under strict control against the fishing activities of the Melendiz Stream. Because the extinction of fish, which have been living on the tea for centuries, as a result of hunting, leads to the deterioration of the ecosystem. It is forbidden to disrupt the ecosystem of the Melendiz Stream, which has been going on for centuries, as a result of various activities.

Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream and Cappadocia

Cappadocia attracts attention with the number of tourists intensifying every year. The valleys on Cappadocia are one of the main points that tourists visit. You can immerse yourself in the arms of nature by watching the sunrise or sunset. You can try the cave hotel concept in the hotels on Cappadocia. You can also feast at the restaurants in Cappadocia. With its historical texture dating back to ancient times, Cappadocia is the meeting point of tourists. There are many valleys in Cappadocia, which is interpreted as a summary of the Anatolian geography. Melendiz Stream in the center of Ihlara Valley, one of these valleys, is a natural wonder that should be visited by everyone who goes to Cappadocia.

You can read a book while bird sounds accompany you in front of the beautiful view of Melendiz Stream. At the same time, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of nature in the company of meditation and yoga. Such beautiful and special activities that you can do in the region affect both your physical and mental health positively. Researches of experts also say that spending time alone with nature is the most effective method in spreading one's negative energies. In this sense, by removing your socks, you can directly exchange energy with the soil. Thanks to this shopping, you will leave all the negative emotions in the body to the ground. You will relax and get rid of negative thoughts, allowing you to spend your day healthier. You will realize that your life is progressing more systematically thanks to the activities you will do alone with nature in certain time periods.

Melendiz Stream Places To Visit

The place where Melendiz Stream is located is in a region where the first Christians met their shelter needs. At the same time, the ethnic and religious structure that developed after the Turks took the region under their protection was also reflected in the architectural works. Artifacts from both the Roman and Byzantine periods and Ottoman architecture stand out. Some of these works are used for commercial purposes, and there are many churches where Christians worship. At the same time, there is Kaymaklı Underground City, where the people of the region used to meet their housing needs. There are different historical ruins in Belisırma Village, which is the closest settlement to the creek. If you happen to pass by the Melendiz Stream, we recommend that you stop by Belisırma Village and get acquainted with the architectural structures here. If your path passes over Nevşehir Melendiz Stream, we recommend you to visit Kaymaklı Underground City and Gaziemir Caravanserai. These two historical artifacts will help you to better understand the cultural structure of the region.

Kaymakli Underground City

Kaymaklı Underground City, located on the Ihlara Valley and around the Melendiz Stream, is a very interesting structure. This city, which was built under the ground, was used a lot especially in the Roman period. Welded Underground City has a capacity of 5000 people. It also consists of 8 main floors. To tour this huge underground city HTR Turkey ToursYou can join private and group tours organized in . Touring this extraordinary city with a guide will give you a different perspective. Kaymaklı Underground City is better preserved than other underground cities in Anatolia. But today, only the first 4 floors of the underground city are open. There is a danger of collapse on other floors. In order to prevent possible losses, only the first 4 floors of Kaymaklı Underground City are suitable for sightseeing. There is a unique ventilation system compared to the conditions of the period. This ventilation system reaches all points of the city. At the same time, when you take a tour of the city, the cavities and different traces that you will encounter will help you better understand the nature of the region.

Gaziemir Underground Caravanserai

Getting to Ihlara Valley passes through many different points. If you are planning to go through Niğde among these points, we recommend you to stop by Gaziemir Underground Caravanserai. The structures on the caravanserai are clear proof that they were built during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Gaziemir Underground Caravanserai is the place where traders and state officials stay during their visits to the region. Gaziemir Underground Caravanserai is among the structures that are effective in the smooth return of trade in the region. At the same time, the architectural innovations made on the Gaziemir Caravanserai during the Ottoman Period helped to accelerate the trade. While visiting the caravanserai, you can examine the cavities in the region.


Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream Restaurant 

You can start the day with a nice breakfast accompanied by the sounds of birds over tea. You can start the day with a good breakfast and end the day with lunch or a refreshing dinner. The region is very rich in terms of restaurants. At the same time, most of the restaurants in the region sell local food and beverages. You can enjoy local foods and sip your tea accompanied by the sound of water. Melendiz Çay restaurant, which is the address of a pleasant break, offers fish, meatballs, meat dishes and breakfast options. At the same time, the unique atmosphere of nature will whet your appetite.