There are many destinations to see and explore in Turkey. Cappadocia Goreme, which fascinates those who see it with its natural beauties and historical texture, is one of them. The reason why local and foreign tourists admire Cappadocia is not only the fairy chimneys, but also Göreme, which promises an unforgettable adventure. This mysterious town offers its guests underground cities, churches in the rocks, vast valleys, romantic balloon tours and many more activities. It impresses its guests with its traditional appearance, local dishes, rich nature and tolerant people. If you want to get to know the corners of paradise in Turkey, you can start your adventure first in Nevşehir Göreme. In our article, we have answered all the questions you may have about Göreme to guide you on your journey.

Information About Goreme

Göreme, one of the oldest residential areas of Cappadocia, is 5 km from Ürgüp and 12 km from Nevşehir. The name of this magical ancient city was known as “Korama” centuries ago. In addition, the geography, which is known by many different names such as Maccan and Avcılar, has taken its current name over time. Göreme has a softer texture than other regions in Cappadocia. At the same time, since it is in an elevated position, erosion and wind waves that took place here have exposed the bodies of fairy chimneys and other formations more. Göreme, whose history dates back to the Paleolithic Age, is a region that witnessed Sassanid, Arab and Byzantine raids. The geography where the Christians settled first became a homeland for the Turks and Muslims later on.


Places to Visit in Goreme

1. Goreme National Park

It refers to a very large area. It includes Göreme Open Air Museum, Ürgüp, Uçhisar, Zelve, Avcılar and Çavuşin residential areas. We can start with the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is the first address of our trip.
  • Goreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum, which contains many historical and natural monuments, managed to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. The traditional texture of Cappadocia stands out and Byzantine architecture also arouses interest. You will encounter churches, chapels and monasteries very often during the tour. In the monastic system, which started with Saint Basil, the bishop of Kayseri, in the 4th century, religious and intellectual education was given. St. Basil's Monastery differs from the others in this respect. During your tour, you will visit the Girls and Boys Monastery, Elmalı Church, St. Barbara Chapel, Yılanlı Church, St. Catherine's Chapel, Çarıklı Church, Dark Church, St. Catherine's Chapel, Tokalı Church. These are magical places and offer you the opportunity to travel in time. We recommend that you start your tour by paying attention to the opening and closing times of some of the places you will visit here. There are also places with a fee to enter.

2. Goreme Valleys

Are you ready to touch the dusty traces of the past? One of the most exciting areas of Göreme is the valleys. The valleys offer you the opportunity to get to know the geography of Cappadocia. But it is not limited to this. You will also have the chance to do fun activities such as Horse Tours and Jeep Safari Tours in the valleys. You pass through vineyards, mulberry, apricot trees and colorful blooming flowers. Then you can relax in the places where you will sip your tea. You can read about the valleys not only in Göreme but also in the entire Cappadocia region in our article titled 'Cappadocia Valleys'.

  • Pigeon Valley

It is one of the most famous valleys of Cappadocia. It got its name from the pigeons that do not leave the valley. In Güvercinlik Valley, where you can take both walking and cycling tours, a lush geography is laid under your feet. Having the title of the longest valley in the region, Güvercinlik Valley contains a stream and a waterfall. There are also many churches, monasteries and chapels in the valley. The famous 'Nazar Beaded Tree' is also located in the Pigeon Valley. Here you can enjoy your breakfast and take lots of pictures.

  • Zemi Valley

Zemi valley, which is one of the valleys where you can walk most comfortably, is a soft rough terrain. You will encounter different kinds of birds during your trip. It is also a region with rich vegetation. Your walk in the valley, which is 5600 meters long in total, is completed in approximately 2 hours. During this walk, you will have the opportunity to visit the Cistern Church, Görkündere, El Nazar Church and the Saklı Church. The Hidden Church is a remarkable work of the region. The church was built on a steep slope of the Zemi Valley in the 11th century. The church got this name because it was discovered very late. In addition, the church arouses interest with the pictures and narratives on its stones. We can list some of these narratives as the Birth of Jesus, the Crucifixion of Jesus, and the Death of Mary. The Roman Tombs, which you will see lastly in Zemi Valley, fascinate those who see them with their historical beauties.


  • Pasabag Priests Valley

According to rumors, monks and priests used to come here to get away from the world and go into seclusion. When you visit the Pasabag Priests Valley, which is adopted as a place of worship, you will feel that its spiritual aspect predominates. There are handmade churches, chapels and monasteries in the rocks in the region. Stone mills and tunnels also draw attention. The most interesting work of the valley is the famous Three Hats fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. The fairy chimneys, which impress with their height in the valley, fascinate the guests. You often come across mulberry trees in Pasabag Valley. Another striking aspect of the valley is the beekeeping activities carried out here.

  • Gulludere Valley

Located in an area between Göreme Çavuşin, the valley is 4 km long. Welcoming its guests only on foot, the valley fascinates with the visual feast offered by the fairy chimneys. The valley owes its name to the rose-pink color that the sun's rays leave on the rocks. It is possible to capture unique photo frames in Güllüdere Valley, which promises a magnificent view. The most striking place in the valley, which contains many churches, is the Yovakim Anna Church. There are very rare Virgin Mary frescoes on the walls of the church. Another must-visit place is the Church of the Three Crosses. The valley is also home to many dovecotes.

  • Love Valley

The most loving place of Cappadocia is Love Valley. The valley, which hosts many wedding organizations, is an indispensable place for a marriage proposal. It is a unique place to watch Cappadocia from a bird's eye view and to watch the balloons float in the sky. Offering an unforgettable view at sunrise and sunset, Lovers Hill is one of the valleys you should definitely visit in Goreme. It is not possible to enter the valley by vehicles as it has a narrow and uneven ground. We also recommend that you buy comfortable sneakers as you will be hiking in the valley for about 2-3 hours.

  • Valley of the Swords

Kılıçlar Valley, located in Göreme Open Air Museum, is approximately 2.5 km. It got its name from the pointed fairy chimneys in the valley. The waterway passing through the fairy chimneys in the Kılıçlar Valley, also known as Büyük Küçük Kılıçlar, creates an interesting landscape. The mysterious appearance of the fairy chimneys impresses the tourists. According to rumors, many warriors and clergy stayed in this valley and even continued their lives. For this reason, there are many traces of the lives of ancient people in the region.

The valley arouses interest not only with its mysterious appearance and historical texture, but also with the activities it offers. It is a very suitable place for Horse Tour and Jeep Safari Tour. It is also a preferred area for nature walks. Church of the Virgin Mary and Kılıçlar Church in Kılıçlar Valley are religious buildings that you should definitely see. In particular, 33 different scenes from the Bible on the walls of the Kılıçlar Church fascinate those who see it. The valleys you will discover in Göreme offer you a lot of information, both historical and religious.


3. Churches of Goreme

Churches inform about the lifestyles, worldviews and devotions of the people of ancient times. The churches in Göreme were used not only as places of worship, but also as places serving many different needs.

  • Durmus Kadir Church

With its architectural structure, it has a different appearance from other churches in Cappadocia. This basilica church, built with cut stones, bears the most interesting examples of rock reliefs. There are no frescoes inside the church. There is a stone priest's throne in the middle of the church. This rectangular planned church was carved into the rocks with 3 apses and was seated on 6 pillars. Inside the church, which is surrounded by columns, there are graves of various sizes. Durmuş Kadir Church is entered through the grave chapel. The church, which is thought to belong to the 6th or 7th century, was named after the owner of the vineyard in which it is located.

  • Yusuf Koç Church

The name of the church was given later, as in the Durmuş Kadir Church. The church took its name from Yusuf Koç, who turned the area into a dovecote. Since the area where it is located is private property, it has been closed to the public for a long time. There is no definite information about the construction date of the church. However, since its architectural structure is similar to the Saklı Church, it is estimated that it was built in the 11th century. The church was seated on 6 columns in its first construction. Unfortunately, these columns that have survived to the present day have not been preserved and have been demolished. It is thought that only baptism, confession and vocation were performed in this church, which was completely carved into the rocks. The fact that it is small for crowded rituals and the presence of ornate frescoes on its walls confirms this idea. The angels Gabriel and Michael depicted on the ceiling dome of the church add a fascinating atmosphere to the church.

  • Bezirhane Church

The church, which was used as a linseed oil factory of Cappadocia for a period, got its name from here. Bezirhane Church was built on 6 large columns that evoke Roman style. 4 of these columns have survived to the present day. It is thought that no frescoes were used in the church when it was first built.

  • Mesevli Church

The church is named after its location. However, as a result of the researches, it was revealed that the church was the Church of St. Sergios. It is known that St. Sergios and St. Bakhos are described and other martyrs are depicted on the walls of the church. On the walls of the church is the 'tree of life', which still carries great meaning today. The church, which was used as a dovecote for many years, is now open to the public. The church has a single apse and a single nave. The church, which was completely carved from the rock, was also used as a burial chapel.

  • Saint Hieoron Chapel

It is the chapel dedicated to the martyred Saint Hieron. According to the story, Hioran, who was born in the 3rd century, was martyred while fighting in Malatya with his 30 friends. During the struggle, her hand is broken and she takes her hand and brings it to her mother in Göreme. His mother is Maccan, who gave Göreme its old name. According to another rumor, Saint Hioran managed to escape from the struggle and was hidden in the underground wine cellars for a long time. He was canonized after his death. The chapel was planned as a rectangular structure and a single apse. Relief crosses draw attention in the chapel, which has no frescoes. the fresco of St. Hieron in the Buckled Church; There is a large painting in the Direkli Church.

  • Mirror Church

Also known as Fırkatan Church, it is 500 meters from Göreme. There are also kitchens, warehouses and shelters in the church, which has secret passages and tunnels inside. The church is located in Kılıçlar Valley.


4. Agzikarahan Inn

This inn, which has survived from the Seljuk period, is a little outside of Göreme. But it is one of the places you must see while you are there. We can say that this 13th century artifact is the largest inn on the Silk Road. It was named Agzikarahan because the magnificent crown gate began to darken. The engravings on the door prove how much progress has been made in stonework. Unfortunately, tour buses cannot enter the region.

5. Acıgöl

Acıgöl is one of the most charming districts of Nevşehir. Its distance to Göreme is around 35 km. The district takes its name from Acıgöl, which has the same name as itself. The region offers historical artifacts from the Seljuk period and all the beauties touched by nature to its guests. While you are in Göreme, you can also explore this small town.

6. Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock is a natural structure that has gained a different appearance with wind erosion. You will witness how nature shapes the geography in many parts of Cappadocia. Mushroom Kaya is one of the famous works of Gülşehir district. You will have the opportunity to get to know the small town, which is 28 km away from Göreme.

7. Derinkuyu Underground City

Cappadocia not only fascinates with its earthly beauties, but also manages to impress tourists with its underground riches. Are you ready to break away from the 21st century and move on to another dimension? This 8-floor underground city contains 52 drinking water wells. You may shudder a bit as you pass through narrow tunnels where a single person can fit in this 8-storey building. But once you complete the tour you will see that it was worth it. Inside the underground city, which opens to a different world on each floor, there are structures such as food warehouses, kitchen, barn, shelter, cistern, tomb and ventilation channels. It is said that Derinkuyu Underground City, which provides different services on each floor, was also used as a missionary school and mental hospital. Today, the entrance hours and fees of this work, which operates as a museum, vary.

8. Kozaklı Thermal Springs

The thermal springs, located approximately 70 km from Göreme, are one of the prominent points in the region in terms of health tourism. It is a suitable place for those who want to do a different activity.

9. Hacı Bektaş District

Finally, we will talk about the Hacı Bektaş district, which is 57 km away from Göreme. There are Hacı Bektaş Veli Lodge, Complex and Hacı Bektaş Veli Tomb in the region. The district, which has many villages to visit, is a pleasant travel option for its guests with its historical texture and natural beauties. We recommend that you come to Göreme and discover all the valleys, churches and villages, and then end your trip with a fun balloon tour. The most suitable departure point for the balloon tour is Göreme. You can read our Cappadocia Balloon Tour article to have detailed information about the balloon tour full of excitement and romance. At the same time, the beautiful horses of Cappadocia, the Land of Beautiful Horses, will accompany your valley tours. And also ATV TourYou can also experience .


What to Eat in Goreme?

Göreme is a rich region both in terms of places to visit and in terms of food culture. It offers many different tastes from local breakfasts to kebab varieties. We gave a detailed answer to the question of what to eat in Göreme:

  • Nevşehir Pan
  • osbar
  • Find Game
  • dalaz
  • Stuffed Quince
  • Agpakla
  • Meatballs
  • Pottery Beans
  • Stuffed Apricots
  • Testi kebab

You may have heard the names of many of these dishes that will remain on your palate for the first time. But we're sure it won't be the last, you'll love each and every one of them. After discovering local flavors at traditional tables, you can crown your feast with handmade wines.

How to go to Goreme?

Göreme, which is among the most visited regions, is 750 km from Istanbul, 305 km from Ankara, 780 km from İzmir, 60 km from Kayseri and 12 km from Nevşehir. Visitors arriving by plane should land at Kayseri Airport or Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport. From here, you can go to the places where you will stay by bus or minibus. You can reach Goreme in 35-40 minutes by minibus or transfer service from the airport. Another alternative is to rent a car. There are many car rental options in Cappadocia. Since it is a heavily visited region, alternatives have been multiplied. In addition, you will have the opportunity to progress on the route you want during your trip. Taxis are also available at the airports for the guests. In order not to encounter any surprises, we recommend that you review the car rental and taxi prices before you come. Finally a door If you have chosen the tour vehicle, you have contracted accommodation It will bring you to your place. At the same time, transfer operations are also included in the tour service.